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Just "Write" Sub Six Poem Winners

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day !

Here to present the poetry winners is Author Lori Degman. Welcome, Lori!

Let me preface my announcement by saying that this was a really hard decision! Your poems were clever, funny and lovely! In the end, I chose the two that evoked the strongest emotions.

The winner of the rhyming picture book critique is Delfina Salimbene. I chose her poem, THE SWEETEST THING, because it has perfect meter and is a great read-aloud! Also, it manages to evoke strong emotions with just four lines! I would have loved to get this from my mom or to give it to my kids when they were little.

The runner-up and winner of my picture book, Just Read, is Lauri Christopher Meyers. I chose her Worm poem because it made me laugh out loud. I’m a sucker for a funny, surprise ending! Plus, she managed to create a story arc with only 28 words!

Winning Poem

Delfina Salimbene


The sweetest thing is not a s’more, a cookie, or a cake.

It’s not a gooey crispy treat. It’s nothing you can bake.

It isn’t something to be made with scissors, tape, or glue.

In all the world, my little love, the sweetest thing is . . . YOU!

Runner-Up Poem

Lauri Christopher Meyers

I loved a worm. His cheeks were red.

I kissed his wittle wormy head.

He wiggled off, and now I fear

I may have kissed his wormy rear! (my love knows no bounds!)

Special Thanks to Lori Degman for sharing her talent and love of rhyme! Please consider buying a copy of JUST READ or requesting it from your local library.

For those not familiar with Sub Six, we are a Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Support Group. Members support each other through encouraging comments, submission tally sheet and monthly prizes. If you write and/or illustrate for children’s literature, join us here!

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