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Meet Illustrator Ratchanee Youngsuk

I'm excited to introduce the winner of our Sub Six New Banner Contest. The contest drew in artists from around the world. Congratulations to Ratchanee Youngsuk, freelance artist from Thailand, for her Four Monkeys Banner which captured the spirit of the group.

Ratchanee, please share your process for creating the Sub Six Banner.

First of all, I’m so excited and honored to receive this prize.

• For my process, I brainstormed ideas that connected with the theme of the contest.

• I chose the monkeys to represent Sub Six because they're clever, active and enthusiastic.

Also, they live in groups to cooperate and support each other.

• I started to sketch my characters and the banner.

• I chose a color palate and finished the final.

I read that you earned an MFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Did that experience influence your illustration style?

I think my illustration style is influenced by my career experience and by studying at the Academy of Art University. I’m so into graphic design because I was a web and graphic designer. I participated in many projects, in which I worked as a visual image designer on a small team with various clients and brands. It was during this work that I became even more fascinated with the world of illustration, especially children’s illustration. Then, I decided to enroll in the Academy of Art University to help me build on my illustration skills and develop my style. I took various classes: drawing, oil painting, watercolor and digital painting. From those classes, I learned many painting techniques and came up with various textures so that I could apply them to my illustrations.

I noticed that you are a client with Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Agency.

How did you and your agent connect?

My agent represents me as author and illustrator for children’s picture book. I researched literary agents who were open to submissions and learned about what they were looking for, what kind genre of children books they take on and what kind of art style they like. I submitted my portfolio and my dummy book to my agent by email. It was lucky to me. He was interested in my work. We had a phone call to discuss why he is interested in my work, how his agency works and represent clients, process of book submission to publishers, so on. Then we made an agreement on my book.

What is your favorite medium to use?

I enjoy digital painting because of the comfort and flexibility. I usually take my laptop and tablet everywhere. It allows me to test color palettes faster and more styles or textures with various brush tools that I can create on my own. It's easier to edit artwork later as well.

Do you belong to SCBWI or any illustrator groups?

I’ve been a SCBWI member since my graduation. It is a good resource for children's literature writers and illustrators. Also, I’ve participated in Illustration Friday, Society of Illustrators, Kidlit 411 and Character Design Challenge.

What or who are your inspirations?

Material art, books, other artists, animation.

Also, I love talking with my niece. I usually get an unexpected idea from her perspective.

Where are you online?

Ratchanee's Website

Ratchanee's Instagram

Ratchanee has offered to answer your illustrator related questions. Please leave your question in comments.

Thanks Ratchanee for sharing your artwork and background with us. Good luck on your path to publication!

For those not familiar with Sub Six, we are a Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Support Group. Join us here

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