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My Inner Voice of Doom

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Last week my critical inner voice worked overtime. No, the voice didn't say that my writing sucked. Or that I would never be published again. The voice persisted in pointing out how many non-writing things needed my attention. In addition to the never ending laundry list of mom stuff, crazy things happened daily. Nothing life threatening. Just time consuming. So it came down to write or sleep. Only when I'm wound up all day, focusing on writing or going to sleep don't come easily.

Thanks to Reading For Research Month (#ReFoReMo), Middle Grade Book March (#MGBookMarch) and Women's History Month - I have a massive stack of library books.

So I drowned out my critical inner voice and read and read and read.

Of course, this meant operating on coffee through the day. But it was worth it!

Plus my pups, Calvin and Cara, enjoyed staying up late (like Duck) and listening (like rabbit).

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